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Mission Statement

Imani’s Safehouse Inc. aims to offer short-term and long-term housing solutions. We need to feel safe to heal. Our antiracist and abolitionist initiatives support the African diaspora impacted by the justice system to move toward socio-economic and political autonomy.

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We believe in the strength of community to build strong support networks and to fight inequities in our local community.


Whether you're a social media consultant, software engineer, grant writer, or a neighbor who can lend a helping hand, we value your time and talents to promote antiracism and providing a safe place for those in need.




Imani's Safehouse Inc.'s first program was Community Connects:

   Only love is stronger than the bars that separate. Imani's Safehouse Inc. volunteers send a monthly newsletter and $10 dollars to each of its member inside NYS women's prisons. the goal is to make sure communication connects. Available daily we offer the option for members inside to use JPay emails or, phone calls . Communication is such a vital tool to build and maintain community ties.  

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Get involved and contribute to our funds to establish a community center.

Your donation help our non-profit organization obtain our first Safehouse for survivors of gender violence.

Safehouse's to heal:
Here survivors of gender violence are empowering other survivors to healing from trauma. Healing is a process that must begin internally, then it radiates into community. The goal is break cycles of trauma and break glass ceilings!

Imani's  safe house

501 c3 charitable community organization in Brooklyn, NY for us by us

In loving memory of Imani:

Aviva Emuna bas Avroham

13 Av 5755- 4 Tamuz 5780

Imani Nyasia Fecu

August 9, 1995- June 25, 2020

"My daughter passed away June 25, and we don't want anyone else to suffer the way she did..."

-Jennifer Fecu, Imani's mother

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